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Steel security gates block access points and create restricted areas for security and safety reasons. Made from a sturdy, impenetrable lattice of 14-guage channel steel, a steel security gate cannot be pushed through or broken down. Because the lattice consists of mostly empty space, however, it provides clear visibility for surveillance, and it helps ventilate fumes, steel by products, and excess heat from plants and warehouses.

There are four basic types of steel security gates: single gates, double gates, door gates, and portable gates. Single and Double gates mount on hinge pins that allow workers to swing the gate out of the way. The gate's center is reinforced by a drop pin that prevents the unit from caving in when pushed either from the center or the top. This design makes the unit both durable and vandal resistant.

Folding steel gates are made of 3/4" wide 14 gauge steel channel that is riveted back to back with solid steel rivets. Solid rivets add incredible strength to these gates and enable them to endure stress and prolonged exposure to the elements. Gate rails are made from 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" thick hot rolled angle iron that is much stronger than thinner alternatives and capable of withstanding a lot of pressure and abuse.

Steel Security Door Gates

These gates are intended to restrict and/or bar access to normal sized doors in commercial and industrial buildings. Easy Rack has steel security gates that will fit all door sizes, and we will manufacture custom-sized gates on request. Steel door gates offer companies a versatile design that allows them to be mounted to lock on either the left or the right. These versatile and very practical steel security gates will mount on either the doorframe recess or the outer wall surrounding the doorframe. Either position will allow the gate to be folded and swung to the side when it is not being used.

Single Steel security gates

These gates consist of a single, riveted lattice of steel and cover the entrance to any number of commercial building access points. Standard locking position is on the left side, but right side locking gates can be custom ordered through your Easy Rack representative. Single steel security gates feature have a drop pin that goes down the top center of the unit. This provides extra stability and reinforcement when the gate is spanned across wider openings.

Double Steel Security Gates

As the name clearly states, double gates are made from two steel lattices that connect and fasten together in the center. This design allows both sides to be swung completely 180 degrees to one side if necessary. Double steel security gates are used mostly in front of entrances that have heavy vehicle traffic, such as fork trucks, pallet trucks, pickups, and vans.

Portable Steel Security Gates

These gates are used heavily all over construction sites. They are only 6/5' high when folded up and can be carried through doorways and compactly stored out of site. Portable security gates are easy to install and lock to the wall with a sample padlock hasp arrangement that comes we include with your order. They are the perfect too to use when you need a mobile security device that will fit almost any environment on the site.

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Steel Security Gates

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This article was published on 2010/01/27