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"People back into the country", or "re-nationalization", since 2003, with the macro-control, with the structural adjustment of state-owned capital, a gradual increase in the related case. In this regard, the business sector, many private enterprises in particular grass-roots concerns.

Concern is reasonable. Looking back on 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy to create huge miracle, Chinese societies have made tremendous progress in terms of nothing but great from: First, establish the rules of the market, one of the main micro-economic vitality of the remodeling. On the latter point of view, on the one hand the tens of thousands of private enterprises outside the state system "barbaric growth", the other state-owned enterprise restructuring, ownership diversification, privatization, so that "factory" into a "company."

Therefore, the results only from the point of view, less state, more private, but we made 30 years of reform and opening up the basic experience of universally acknowledged success. Standing open a new 30-year point in time, on such an experience and should not be deviated from the truth of the stick, some rock. Today, the country is facing pressure from the global financial crisis, 4 trillion strategy to stimulate the economy is indeed emergency move, but not the structure of enterprise property rights should be a bias adjustment.

State-owned steel industry is to observe, changes in the competitive structure of private power of a window. As a fully competitive industry, steel industry completely open to private capital. But due to historical reasons, the state capital in the formation of a dominant position in this industry; private capital though at a disadvantage, but is growing rapidly, has some competition. Because such a capital structure, private steel survival and growth environment appear not very accommodating. Under macro-control, often become victims of private or state-owned iron and steel capital eroded object. From Dai Guofang sudden "death", to Zhang Zhixiang of surviving, to defect to the state-owned steel enterprises today Dushuang Hua, were all shown this law. Only a very few who are good at dealing with complex political and business relations will be a relatively decent ending.

As many people said, the steel industry with a mix of state and private ownership may be the direction of reform to achieve industrial integration. Provided that, do not bring the return of the old system.

Who is Du Shuanghua? A year ago, even six months ago, out of the Shandong Rizhao, out of steel outsiders, this is not a famous name. "5? 12" earthquake, Du donation 150 million yuan, amazed; October 6, Hurun Jiebang, Du ranked second. Great philanthropist, steel richest man in the appellation spread like wildfire.

Now he has almost become another episode of "nationalization of private enterprises" big play of the "male lead."

Nothing Dushuang Hua transit like this causes such a headache. He has just opened in the city all day so, the question naturally can not do without restructuring, the next morning, Dec. 10, but also to Jinan reporting. Even if the reporters sitting opposite, he does not think in an interview, but "casual talk." "Rizhao Iron and Steel can not say nothing, but I do not want to press the views." He said. He hoped that people of "Du Shuanghua" in the name forget, if possible, the "sunshine iron and steel" words are forgotten. He do not want the media described him as "tragic figure."

On all iron and steel enterprises, it is a silent season, lower prices, limited production, production cuts, layoffs, no company can survive, while the sun still more difficult issues to iron break, which is facing the newly established Shandong Steel Group, the fate of reorganization. "How the country back into the people, all three major U.S. banks do not have people going back into the country do, it does not also engage in socialism it? What is wrong? When any thing said, no big deal." Du Shuanghua great attention to the wording.

Chinese steel industry has a lot of perfectly competitive industry is different from the special capital structure, the dominant state-owned power and private capital, although at a disadvantage, but also has considerable strength. Therefore, the industry is complex and entangled political and business relations between nodes is always accompanied by the encouragement from the local level and from the national level regulation, accompanied by state-owned, private capital, the re-division of spheres of influence.
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Richest Man In The Paper Steel Shackles - Steel Richest Man, Steel, Sunshine Steel - Steel Industry

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Richest Man In The Paper Steel Shackles - Steel Richest Man, Steel, Sunshine Steel - Steel Industry

This article was published on 2010/12/16