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Steel is one of the most widely used composites all over the world.At the basic level it has iron and different levels of carbon.Because both iron and carbon have been well-known since ancient times, steel has been produced in one form or another since, well, before the birth of Christ.The presence of things made of steel for the first time was witnessed in eastern regions of Africa, around 1400 BCE.

Iron is the major component of steel, with carbon being a distant second.Carbon is the most cost-effective way to alloy iron, but other metals can be used to augment the carbon and to give the metal certain properties.Steel is well-known for its strength, which is given to it precisely by the alloying elements.

The modern steel industry produces steel through the use if what is called the basic oxygen furnace.The molten iron is treated in the furnace with oxygen to get rid of the impurities.The main idea of adding fluxes is for this purpose as well.The most important plus point of this being that the outcome is a very valuable one along with being very rapid.

As there has been a lot of transformation in the procedure to make steel one gets a varied alloys from it.With the use of tungsten and chromium one can get the steel as desired.One of the greatest things that steel can provide is that with the help of alloys one can make any material like a samurai sword or even an automobile

Still, Steel

The usual steel has a combination of 0.5% manganese and 0.5% silicon considered as carbon steel and anything else is just an alloy steel.

General Purpose Steel

A General Purpose Steel has good weldability, forming and extruding chrematistics.These are often used for general structural and automotive bodies.

Steel that has excellent welding ad bending properties, perfect for structural applications is your General Purpose Low Carbon Plate Steel.Also, this has good machinability and formability, used mostly in automotive camshafts and similar applications.

There is use of more carbon plates for better intensity.This is the most appropriate one due to its mouldability feature that makes it very good after manufacture.

Again in the last section there is the making of the bolts, studs and shafts with the use of Medium Carbon Steel.It is best for good rigidity and sturdiness as well.

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel

Under this category, Low Carbon Steel is up first.It has good hardening properties, fair machinability and can be readily brazed and welded.

This is so due to Low Carbon, High Manganese Steel.This has good machinability; case hardening is deep and is uniform.It is good for bending, broaching and most deforming without suffering from cracks.

Medium Carbon – Direct Hardening

This type of steel is known as Intermediate Carbon as it is more stronger than the Low Carbon Steel.Just used for the studs, bolts and others.To achieve greater strength and hardness, it is used in a rolled condition.Through this, it becomes perfect for hammer forging processes.Uses included gears, shafts, axles, bolts and studs.

Improved machinability and better heat treatment response (surface hardness is deeper and more uniform) than plain carbon steels. This has functionality in the making of gears, shafts, axles, bolts, studs, pins and lot more.

Screw Stock

Fast cutting steel is considered the standard in screw stock. It is quite feasible to make it as resilient and robust with varied degrees of heating.It is best used in forging, tubing and fittings.

Steel Waters Run Deep

.This is very useful for us in so many things that we use such as cars and construction products, refrigerators and washing machines, cargo ships and surgical scalpels.This gets used in every thing that we use everyday like.

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More About Steel Fabrications

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