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Steel is one of the major inventions that have helped mankind progress by leaps and bounds in many spheres. It is one of the most used and reused alloys. The advent of Steel gave the industries the much needed momentum to grow and expand. Steel is now available in many grades and specifications. Of all the types of Steel, Mild Steel is the commonly found form.

An alloy is a metallic mixture of two or more elements. Steel is basically an alloy of Carbon and Iron. Steel also has many other elements such as Manganese, Vanadium, Chromium and Tungsten. The varying amounts of these elements determine the properties and qualities like strength of the Steel. The different grades and types of Steel are a result of controlling the amount of the constituent elements. Mild Steel is one such type of Steel.

Mild Steel is essentially a form of Carbon Steel. Carbon Steel, as the name suggests, has Carbon as one of the alloying constituents. Mild Steel has low Carbon content which imparts the Steel many physical and mechanical properties. Mild Steel is used extensively for many Industrial applications including structural applications and constructions. Mild Steel is preferred for use because it is available in the market at reasonable prices. Mild Steel pipes, flats, bars etc are available in different grades and dimensions to suit the requirements.

The properties of Mild Steel are a consequence of its composition. It is one of the most used alloys. The material is subjected to many tests to determine its properties and qualities. The various properties of Mild Steel are elucidated below.

  • Low tensile strength
  • Melting point less than 1538°Celsius
  • Young's modulus - 30,000,000 psi. This parameter determines the stiffness and characteristics of the material.
  • Highly malleable
  • Low tensile strength
  • Mild Steel density - 7.85 gm/cm3

Mild Steel is an indispensable resource for many Industries. It is used in making Industrial equipment and products and has significant use in Construction as well. In Automobile Industries, Mild Steel is used to make the various components of vehicles. This material has low chromium content which makes it prone to surface rust. The use of anti-rust coatings and paints is recommended for Mild Steel.

Steel has been a blessing for Industries and is used in almost every aspect of life. The proper utility of this material should be done after detailed consideration of the properties to check if it complies with the requirements. The Steel industry has a promising and bright future ahead.

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Mild Steel

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This article was published on 2011/08/23