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While scholars of the world's two largest developing countries?? China and India?? And intense debate who is better when the Gini coefficient, the 2008 "Forbes Global Rich List" with a sturdy figure gives us a strong evidence.

2008 year "Forbes global rich list", the Indian billionaires top 10 accounted for the four seats. Calculated according to net worth of assets, from India's four richest assets total 160 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for the world's top 10 richest total net worth of 37.56%, four wealthy antenna involves a number of areas, toured every continent, to play with the capital expansion global economic change.

Lakshmi? Mittal To do Internet speed steel

2008 annual list of the richest in the United Kingdom by the "Times" published a 58-year-old Indian steel magnate Lakshmi? Mittal have no doubt that much throw off

Other Rich, with a total of 27.7 billion pounds (450 billion) of assets, the fourth consecutive year won the Britain's richest crown. At the same time, he was in 2008 "Forbes Global Rich List," ranked fourth, became the Indians in mind the wealth of well-deserved hero.

Make India proud of the rich man who had done a speech in New Delhi. After the speech ended, a Master of Business Administration students to ask him questions: "How long after I could be you?" Mittal said: "You must work, there is no magic to make a person a fortune overnight, success is tireless efforts results. "

Mittal is owned by persistent efforts of the brilliant today. He was born in a small family is not rich, very quiet, introverted, but very hard to learn, always among the best in class performance. Interestingly, primary school, he is not ruler engraved his name, but "Lakshmi? Mittal, Dr., Business Administration, MBA, PhD."

1976, the Mittal in charge of a small rolling mill and will soon open up the situation in Indonesia; in 1989, he went to Trinidad, in charge of a state-owned factory; 1992, Mittal bought into a business the plight of Mexico's third largest steel company; in 1995, Mittal into Kazakhstan.

Just 10 years, Mittal relied on 136 mergers and endangered small factories, two of the acquisition world-class companies, bare hands to build the world's largest steel company, has been described as the outside world, "Internet-speed development in the steel field . " Mittal's success is that he always miraculous, turning waste into wealth, he always go to other people in the eyes of M & A "junk companies", and through lower operating costs, the use of modern technology and management concepts, so that old factory back to life profits. More provocateur called him, "collection of junk in the Indian kid."

The dark brown skin, says with a thick Indian accent, said the total to old-fashioned blue suit Britain's richest people, so that xenophobia serious new look at the British upper class had to. Settled in Britain he and his wife, and continues to keep the Indian passport.

"To do an Indian is a real advantage. If you grew up in a country of 300 ethnic minority languages and grow up, you will learn how to eliminate the differences and reach a compromise."

With anecdotes that, in order to raise their social status in the United Kingdom, Lakshmi told the Labour Party also generously in exchange for the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair's "friendship." To help smooth Mittal Steel Group bought the company in Romania, Blair sent a letter to the Government of Romania and even helped him personally to talk about things, so also led to a simmering scandal.

Mittal's family in the United States and Europe have achieved development objectives, are now turning to the Far East, virgin?? China. China, as the number one country of consumption of steel has been Mittal's strategic location, the acquisition by means of the most proud of, and quickly cut into the layout of the Chinese steel industry, Mittal is the main line of China's strategy in recent years. As early as 2005, to 2.6 billion yuan on Mittal to buy 36.673% of China's Hunan Valin Steel shares, made the first step into China's steel market, then he extended its feelers into Bayi Iron and Steel Plant, even though ended in failure, but this will not affect his confidence in the Chinese market. The road ahead, but Mittal into the Chinese market will probably not change the long-term arrangement, the threat of the steel giant has quietly come to our side.
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India: Mysterious Neighbor Breathtaking Wealth Of The World Myth - Wealth, Rich, India - Gifts &

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India: Mysterious Neighbor Breathtaking Wealth Of The World Myth - Wealth, Rich, India - Gifts &

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