Galvanized Bolts: Extra Strong Fasteners

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When you're looking towards accomplishing a task of heavy duty construction, you're going to need more than nails and screws in the various applications. For example, you're planning on building a deck or constructing a new feature for the outdoors of your home. With galvanized coatings on bolts, you get more than the support that nails and screws can provide and so you can set off putting heavy loads together with bolts. Also, with the special coating that galvanized bolts have, you ensure that the materials holding your deck, patio or outdoor feature withstands moisture, the elements, would not rust and would not corrode through the passage of time.

Basically, if you need to put together wood or steel, the best kind of bolts to use are galvanized bolts. If you look closely at the sturdiest bridges in your locality, you'll find these types of bolts are doing the work to hold the bridge safely and securely together. As a regular type of fastening tool, these bolts are made up of steel. Steel, as you know are highly susceptible to rust if exposed to chemicals or moisture. What makes galvanization special is that, it is further coated in zinc to maintain its durability and strength and extend its life. Just as you can use bolts for applications where you need much strength and durability, galvanizing bolts makes it even stronger. It's strong enough to be used in areas with a lot of moisture like near the coast.

To make galvanized bolts, the process makes use of a series of chemical reactions. When the bolt is shaped, it's coated with hot zinc. This then woks as a barrier for the steel and highly corrosive materials like water. There's zinc oxide in the equation of making galvanized bolts that react with oxygen and carbon dioxide protecting the bolt from rust and corrosion. If you're going to buy bolts, they can be distinguished from other bolts because their surface looks like it's speckled with crystal. Depending on how you're going to make use of the bolts and install these bolts, you have two kinds of galvanized bolts to work with. There's the lag bolt and the carriage bolt. With regard to lag bolts, you use these when you have only one side of the object accessible. Carriage bolts are used for objects where both sides are accessible for fastening.

Let's say you're constructing a deck for your home that's located in the coastal areas. Salt water as well as rain and moisture don't allow standard steel fasteners to be used. This is the time to choose galvanized bolts. If you have to fasten objects and you have access to both sides, you use the carriage bolt. Insert this bolt on the front end of the object and affix the washer on the other end to ensure strength and support of materials. With one side accessible, the lag bolts are installed with the use of a socket wrench. Here, you place the washer in between the head and the object.
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Galvanized Bolts: Extra Strong Fasteners

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This article was published on 2010/12/07