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If you plan to build your new house but you want to ensure its durability, uniqueness, and at the same time, totally suitable for living, then you should highly consider building it out of steel. Though the idea of making your house made of that metal is quite strange to other people, you should know that this trend is continuously growing in different parts of the world. You would get numerous benefits from a house made of steel, more importantly is the fact that it is weather resistant.

There are now communities in certain countries that have condominiums, halls, and even facilities devoted for healthcare that have been designed with steel and this has brought about the concept of making use of such metal for building and developing residential areas, and so far, the results have been positive.

For the architects who are working on the designs of steel homes, they feel that at times the idea is radical but what makes it really interesting is that it is just similar to living at a home that is made out of concrete. Though you and your family may not easily hang pictures in almost every wall inside the house and nail it without careful planning, still you would be able to decorate your home, even if it is made of this metal. What you need to do is to simply set your limitations whenever you hang items on the wall.

You might be thinking that the house’s temperature inside will become very high when the summer months come in but it is good to know that this is not actually the case. Studies have been made and it has revealed that homes that are made of steel are in fact cooler as compared to a house that is made of concrete.

The experts in architecture of steel homes say that the smoothness of steel walls, as compared to that of concrete, is capable of reflecting more light. By using materials that are able to reflect more light, the steel structure now becomes equipped with more reflective capacity.

In addition to these, the sheets being used are very thin which makes it less conducive to heat. The materials being used for the insulation of steel homes as well as the glazing found on the windows all help to maintain a low temperature inside the house. Normally, you will see that the windows build for steel homes are large to ensure that it becomes ventilated well.

The architectural design of homes like these never fail to take into account the most suitable roof pitch so that it can lessen the solar heat inside the room but at the same time, allow a certain amount of sunlight to enter the house.
What makes steel houses even more enticing as compared to those that are made out of concrete is the fact that the ration between the strength of the home and the weight that it can bear is higher and also, the components of steel are very easy to join and to form.

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Building With Steel

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This article was published on 2010/12/20