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Garage door is a very important part of the house which not only protects your car from the harsh effects of weather and burglars but it also ensures that the internal temperature of your house does no fluctuate too much. To do that effectively, you will always need a very strong and durable material which can stand through such weather conditions. There are two types of materials and you can categories them as attractive materials and reliable materials. Now this categorization is little strange but after this whole discussion, you will know what I mean. There are some people who just want to decorate their house at every cost and they do not care much about reliability.

Most of the times, such people are professional builders who build homes for just profit gain because people are always attracted towards a decorated and well-blended home. For such homes, wood is best choice due to its extra customization and attractive nature. Wood is not reliable material but that can be handled by providing some extra protection in form of insulation or steel seals in harsh weather season. If you ask professional designers about material of garage door then, they will also always refer to wood because they know that they can experiment with the customization of wood a lot and wood can give you a matching door with any kind of home exterior. After wood, most used materials are metals but there is a wide range of metals which are being used for making garage doors but all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages associated with them.
A first and most used metal is steel and in fact steel is most used material after wood. Steel is very popular among those people, who have limited budget for making their garage door. Steel is very economical and it provides lots of reliability. In the past steel struggled a little due to less aesthetic features but these days there are advanced wooden textures available in steel. These textures have increased the overall popularity of steel. There is another metal which is giving competition to steel these days and that is vinyl. Vinyl is far more reliable and strong than steel and it is best suited for the most harsh weather conditions. The initial price of vinyl is higher than steel but with almost zero maintenance cost, vinyl becomes very economical in the long run. Vinyl is a onetime investment which means you just install it once and pay the price then, you forget about it throughout the year because it has so much natural resistance that it can bear any kind of weather conditions easily. There are some other metals like aluminum, fiberglass and others but these are very specific types of materials and are used for more specific circumstances. All of the metals have a very less variety in aesthetics which makes them less attractive but reliable materials. So now I hope, you know that why I categorized materials as attractive and reliable. Metals are reliable while wood is attractive.
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This article was published on 2011/09/26